Download your little German pumpkin template und get carving!

October 21st, 2013

Mein friends, you know that I love zee holidays, especially Halloween. Yesterday I was decorating for an upcoming Halloween celebration und could not get anything to go right! I will admit, I became a little frustrated und decided to go simple this year. I think I will drink some Superstition und carve a pumpkin or two, und that will be all.

Oh, that reminds me, friends! Zee Big Wigs were so overjoyed with how many of you wanted to dress up like little ol’ me for Halloween, they made a pumpkin carving design design for you to use, too. I’m humbled anyone would want to put my face on a pumpkin. If you do, please share with me on mein Facebook page or tag me on Instagram #littlegerman.

Download my mask here: little German Mask

Download my pumpkin carving template here: little German Pumpkin Template

Who wants to have dinner und drinks with little ol’ me?

September 27th, 2012

Friends, zee most common emails I receive go something like this:

“Little German,

I just picked up your wine and I am very excited to try it with my friends. I wish you could be here with us.


Joe from Michigan”

Well friends, now I can! That’s right, you can get your very own little me! Take me on vacation, to zee movies und you know I love a good dinner date. Take pictures along zee way und email them to me at I might just post them in mein gallery!

Zee cut out is free, just pay zee small air fare und I’ll be on mein way! Click here to order yours.

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Help us raise money for breast cancer research und awareness

September 19th, 2012

Friends, I have some very exciting news — some of zee best I have ever been able to post on mein blog.

With Breast Cancer Awareness Month kicking off in a few weeks, Zee Big Wigs wanted to find a way to help zee cause. They decided to take a stand und say, “Screw Cancer,” with a little help from RELAX® Pink.

Oh, und you of course.

Every time you share #RELAX4TaTas on Twitter, Instagram or Pinterest or upload a photo to zee RELAX Facebook page, und RELAX Wines will donate $1 to zee Save the Ta-Tas® Foundation, a non-profit organization that raises money for breast cancer research und awareness.

We are so excited to help this great organization und know that you are too. So, zee next time you are shopping for wine und see RELAX Pink, take a photo of it und upload it with zee hashtag, or just shout out with zee hashtag! Be sure to check out zee gallery to see photos from others who are helping spread zee word und working to beat breast cancer!

Und we’re back!

July 17th, 2012

Hello mein friends!
Let me say that I am truly humbled by your overwhelming response to mein Flat little German offer. In only ein few days, tens of thousands you visited mein website for your Flat little German, surprising everyone here – even zee Big Wigs!

If you have already ordered, your Flat little me is on zee way! If you have not yet ordered, you may do so now. Because zee money doesn’t grow on zee grape vines, we are asking our friends to cover $4.95 for zee shipping und handling.

Thank you all for your patience und understanding. I look forward to sharing a bottle of mein fine German Riesling with you very soon!

Order your flat little German now!

Why Germany is zee best place in zee world to grow Riesling grapes

May 15th, 2012

As you know friends, Riesling is a grape that is grown all over zee world. What you may not know is that since zee grape is late-ripening, Germany’s moderate climate is ideal to produce perfect mature Riesling grapes.

Actually, it goes beyond zee climate. From zee soil to zee landscape’s slope, zee Mosel Region is truly zee best place to grow zee best Riesling grapes. Zee slopes in this region are steep. I am not talking about a hill, friends. Some of zee slopes are as steep as 65 degrees! This gives zee vines greater exposure to sunlight. Vineyards lining zee Mosel River gain even more sun exposure due to zee reflections from zee water.

Our soil in this region is slate rich, which holds all of zee heat from zee sun well into zee cooler nights. This also contributes to zee mineral characteristic that is unique to German wines.

Of course, zee incline also mean a lot more work for us. It can take up to seven times as long to tend to vines in this region versus a flatter vineyard, but it’s all worth it for a higher quality product.

So yes, friends, zee Riesling grapes are grown all over zee world, but nobody grows Riesling like we do in Germany.

There’s a Riesling recipe for everything, but these are mein favorites

May 3rd, 2012

Mein job as a wine ambassador means staying on top of what is happening in zee business. I try to know every little detail, from zee grapevine to zee shelf. However, thanks to mein friends at RELAXnation, I find myself saying this a lot: “I didn’t know you could use Riesling in that recipe!”

Friends, it’s amazing! From sorbet to salmon und pies to popsicles, there is a recipe out there that uses Riesling as an ingredient! On zee RELAXnation Pinterest page you can find all of these tasty recipes. There are so many that I think you could enjoy a Riesling dish every meal for a week und not repeat a single recipe.

I wanted to share some of mein summertime favorites, but encourage you to look at RELAXnation’s Recipes with Riesling und they also have boards for Wine Cocktails und Cool Treats Pinterest boards, too. If you have a recipe that uses Riesling und it isn’t listed, please tweet it to me so I can share it! Now, enough talking, let’s get to eating (und drinking)!

Riesling Strawberry Slushies

Many of mein friends have been adding frozen fruit to their glass of Riesling, but how about a frozen slushy drink with zee fruit und Riesling? Mein Crispy und Fruity Qualitatswein or RELAX® Riesling are both perfect for this recipe, friends.

Zee Sarasota

Anytime zee directions are as easy as “mix it all together” und taste this good, you have a recipe to put in your cocktail collection. This drink is not only tasty but refreshing! If you wish to use Riesling, try mein Auslese or Spatlese. If you want to use Moscato, then I recommend Fünf Moscato.

Honey Walnut Cake with Riesling Sabayon

Zee cake is already wunderbar, but oh, zee Riesling Sabayon! Friends, it is so tasty und very easy to make. Pour yourself a glass of mein Auslese, too. It goes so well with zee cake und is zee perfect summer treat!

That’s it, friends! Zee perfect way to kick off summer, und just another way to enjoy Riesling!

A Few More Riesling Facts

April 25th, 2012

Photo by Wolfgang Staudt

Last week I shared information about mein Kabinett, Spatlese und Auslese. If you enjoyed that read, then you will certainly enjoy this one, friends! I break down how zee Beerenauslese, Trockenbeerenauslese und Eiswein are made und you can learn about zee harvest of zee grapes. For example, did you know Eiswein literally means “ice wine” und that we pick zee grapes after zee first good frost?

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Fermenters, Then Und Now

April 20th, 2012

As I’ve said before friends, much has changed about zee wine business over zee years. One of zee best examples is fermentation. What is fermentation, you ask? Fermentation is a process by which zee sugar in zee juice is converted to alcohol. I have written about it before, so if you want to read more, click here.

Now back to mein point, friends. How winemakers manage zee fermentation has changed considerably. One of zee reasons is for zee safety of those making zee wine! When zee sugar is converted to alcohol it creates carbon dioxide, which as you know can be very dangerous. In zee days of mein ancestors, zee vintners did not have good ventilation in zee cellars, so if there was a leak, carbon dioxide could build up. For that reason they would light candles just about three feet from zee floor. If zee candles went out, then they knew zee cellar needed to be aired out before they entered.

Zee photo above shows an old wine cellar where wine would ferment. Zee one below shows zee fermenters we use today. Isn’t it amazing how things have changed, friends? If you have anymore questions about zee winemaking process, just email me or send me a Tweet!

Quick Facts About Mein Rieslings

April 18th, 2012

Photo by Mark Smith

Friends, I am willing to bet you’re reading this blog because you love Riesling. You probably know it goes well with many foods, but do you ever catch yourself sipping mein tasty wines und wondering how it is made? Or maybe where they come from? Have you ever wondered where zee “Kabinett” gets its name? Well, it literally means “cabinet,” which is where winemakers store their best wines! Click here to learn more about zee Kabinett und mein Spatlese und Auslese.

Let me know if you have more questions you would like answered! You can email me or Tweet me any question!

All Wine, All of zee Time

April 11th, 2012

Photo by Fabian Fischer

Part of mein job as a wine ambassador is to educate, but it goes far beyond tasting wine! From storage and aging to cooking with Riesling, I try to cover all things wine all zee time!

Something I have not talked about recently is how to pour your Riesling! I am sure that many of you will invite friends over for a few glasses of Riesling at a get-together or two this summer. Well friends, after reading these tips you can pour wine for your guests like a pro!