How to little German yourself, part zwei

Halloween is approaching und once again some of you have been asking just how to dress up like little old me. Last year I shared a list of everything you would need, but this year I wanted to make it even easier.

Last night I sat down with a glass of Riesling und my computer und did all of zee shopping for you. Even though you are dressing up like me, you’ll need your own credit card. What? I’m already loaning you my good looks!

With that said, here is zee list with zee links to each item:

zee little German Costume

Hat: Bavarian hat, green. Feather highly recommended.

Shirt: Long-sleeve, white button down. This part I figured you could find yourself.

Suspenders: To hold up zee lederhosen.

Lederhosen: Knee-length breechers trimmed in leather. Supported by zee suspenders.

Socks: Grey or white, knee-high socks. Extra points for anyone who finds zee wool ones like mine.

Shoes: Alpine hiking boots or boots with a thick sole. Zee ones that are suitable for scaling zee Alps are rather pricey, so you might check your local thrift stores for boots that look like mine.

Wine glass: I recommend a plastic one for zee night (just in case you drop it). Fill it with your favorite German Riesling.

There you have it, mein friends! If you want to skip the hassle of purchasing each item, just pick up a costume like this one.

Of course, if you’re looking for zee simplest costume, download und print out our special little German Mask!

Oh, und last, but not least, don’t forget your little German fun-loving attitude und lots of “ZEES!”.

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