3 Football Themed Appetizers for zee Super Bowl Party

Friends, I have been surfing zee web und looking for ideas for mein Super Bowl party und I must say that I am very excited about a few recipes. Who knew there were so many ways to make food look like footballs? So far I am making these dishes:

Super Guacamole

Touchdown Brownies

Spicy Sweet Deviled Eggs, also decorated like little footballs.

Mein favorite of these must be zee little football field! I, of course, will be serving mein Blue Bottle Rieslings, und might just put out a bottle of each so mein guests can pour whatever they want.

So I am almost finished, friends. However, I am looking for a little something else! What plans do you have for zee Super Bowl? Do you have any good recipes you could share? Please post them on mein Facebook wall und let me know who you are cheering for!

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